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Why TrackMe.

Connecting Landlord, Property Manager and the Tenant under one roof

Property Manager

A Property Manager is responsible for a happy Landlord and a happy Tenant. Property Manager is the liaison between a Landlord and Tenant. One unhappy Tenant can make a nightmare to the Landlord and Property Manager. It is essential for a Property manager to rent a place to a good tenant, collect rent on time, make a property profitable to the landlord, at the same time taking care of the physical structure of the property, and understand risk and manage the risk on a timely manner. TrackMe is designed to keep all these factors in mind, It will make sure the Property Manager has simplified the way to manage the property and at the same time take care of all the responsibilities.


A Landlord wanted to have a tenant who can pay on time and stay longer. Keep the property as good as possible, with no legal issues and no vacancy period. Eventually, all Landlords wanted to increase the value of the property and reduce the cost of maintenance and understand what's going on in your property on a given time. TrackMe is designed keeping all these factors in mind to make a smooth, reliable and workable software. As a Landlord, you feel happy to see what TrackMe can do on your fingertip wherever you are.


A Tenant wanted a safe place to live, with maintenance free house, flexible way to pay rent, easy and efficient way to access the property manager. TrackMe is designed with the idea to take care of Tenant's life more comfortable and straightforward.


$1.00 per/month/unit (Don't pay for vacant unit).


  • Landlord portal and reports
  • Tenant portal and reports
  • Property Manager portal and reports
  • Lease and document management
  • Mobile use for Landlord, Tenant and Property Manager
  • Maintenance request tracking and communication
  • Rental application - Coming Soon
  • Tenant Screening - Coming Soon
  • Tenant Screening - Coming Soon
  • Lease management - Coming Soon
  • All financial reports for Landlord - Coming Soon
  • No minimum property
As Low as
$1per / month / unit

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